During the early years of our company, the milling in forms was limited to copy milling. This changed when NC technology was adopted. We introduced this technique in 1988 since we characterize ourselves as forward thinking and always have the objective of achieving optimum quality, reliability and ultimately productivity.

Within a short time it became clear that NC-milling was superior to copy milling, and stood out in particularly with respect to the important criteria of form accuracy and versatility application.

Based on this development our last copy machine was converted to the NC technology in 1994. Meanwhile, we have upgraded our machinery so extensively, that depending on the specific requirements, we are able to execute 2-axis, 3 axis or 5-axis programs.

In-house program development is a matter of course (see CAD-CAM). We use NC milling during preliminary machining (tool structure geometry), for pre-cutting, pre-finishing and finishing, depending on requirements of the customer.

"Hermesmeyer & Greweling - NC - milling"

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