An experienced and motivated team is vitally interested in and ready to meet the specifications and requirements of our customers. The success of our customers is what motivates and challenges us at the same time.

The basis for this:
A highly trained team, with an uncompromising focus on quality and action, which including the most modern means of organization and production, accompany the individual projects.

Our range of service includes the design (CAD) and the NC programming (CAM), which are required for completing the various customer-specific processes. Starting with the 3D design and the corresponding 2D module drafting which is possible, to the 2.5-D programming, based on solid data sets with appropriate editing features, and finally the creation of the 3-axis or 5-axis milling programs.

The NC program is very important for us since it has a significant affect on quality and the processing time. Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality based on a budget that is often fixed. Another important factor is production planning, which we discuss in advance. For successful implementation, we feel that it is particularly important to schedule a practical consultation with the client regarding the machining requirements. One can thereby significantly improve both the time and the cost factor. Because it is not always necessary to produce all of the parts as accurately as possible but rather according to need. This method of operation requires a high degree of flexibility, quick response and proximity to customers, as well as close cooperation between AV, programming and production on the other hand.

Many of our customers appreciate the benefit we provide by offering complete project management. Based on the expert preparation of work in combination with the application of in-house milling strategies which involve the use of efficient tools, our milling-experienced programmers are able to plan and create the ideal machining sequence. This also ensures a quick response if there are additional customer requirements, changes or other problems related to milling.

"Hermesmeyer & Greweling - NC - Programming"

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