Against this background our most important aim is achieving customer satisfaction, which is brought about through the following crucial quality features:

  • Adherence to jointly arranged time frames
  • Guaranteed functioning of products and parts as expected
  • Manufacture of products and parts at a competitive price/performance ratio
  • Knowledge about the needs of our customers
  • Support for our customers before and after the commissioning of our products

The ultimate objective is the zero defect strategy as a part of the yearly management review. Should defects nevertheless surface, each and every colleague is obligated to ensure that the fault is put right.

Through this declaration the management obliges all colleagues to carry out their tasks according to both the descriptions in this management handbook and the downstream procedural and work instructions, in order to ensure that the quality of all products and services of our company satisfies the requirements of our customers.


Quality is the basis of our success – leading to happy customers and thus securing the future of our company. Our long established competitive position is due to premium production standards. In order to ensure this quality standard we operate a comprehensive quality management system. Our quality assurance begins right from order placement and ends with the delivery of the individually checked item.

We supervise a project beginning with the enquiry, through the verification of the technical feasibility on to the individual consultation with the customer regarding processing costs and the resulting cost estimations.

This is because it is not always necessary to produce parts as exactly as possible, rather as close as possible to the actual requirements.

This capability to create innovative production concepts is reflected in a trusting customer relationship.

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